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Top 4 of the Best Light Up Dog Collars

August 18, 2020

Top 4 of the Best Light Up Dog Collars

A light-up collar is an essential item for dog owners that prefer walking their dogs at night. Night walking can be extra tricky and dangerous as dogs can easily be out of sight. Motorists also have a harder time seeing pedestrians at night. All the more dogs! As there is less visibility, dogs can be prone to get hit by vehicles. We do not want this.


It’s a good thing light up dog collars are now available in the market! Also known as LED collars, they are must-haves for owners that prioritize the safety of their dogs. 

The overwhelming number of options in the market can be confusing. You shouldn’t worry though as we’ve tested the best of the best light up collars available in the market. Read on to check out which will work best for you!

But first, do you really need a light-up dog collar?

If you walk your dog at night, you absolutely need it. Light up dog collars ultimately secure that your dog is safe. The following are the reasons why your dog should have one:

1. Ensures That You Can See Your Dog Anytime

    Having one will make it easy for you to see where your dog is anytime. Should you let your dog out at night, to pee or just walkabout, you can easily see where your dog is.

    One is all the more useful and handy if you’re on a camping trip with your dog. Should your dog decide to run off into the woods, spotting him will be very easy. Why won’t he be easily spotted?! He’s wearing a light-up collar!

    2. Ensures That Others Can See Your Dog 

      Walking your dog at night will be extra relaxing if you have one because others will see your dog clearly. They may not actually see your dog but they very well will see its light-up collar that will duly notify them that a dog is around.

      This is especially crucial to owners with dogs that get easily startled. With a LED collar, one can easily notify other dog walkers that a dog is near. Hence, no random startling can take place. This is also a form of respect to other people who can get startled by dogs they don’t see.

      3. Ensure The Motorists See You Dog

        Motorists need all the guidance and warning they can get when driving at night. A dog wearing a light-up collar is one! With it, motorists can instantly know that a dog is around. 

        When motorists are duly aware of their vicinity, they can make all the necessary adjustment for everyone around. This effectively prevents your dog from encountering accidents. 

        4. Ensure That Your Dog Gets Extra Cool Points

          If you didn’t think dogs could look cuter, wait until you see one with light-up collars! They look extra cool and cute! Owners can even choose from different colors and design so it ultimately makes dog walking more fun.

          5. Easy Poop Pick-up

            You won’t need to bring a flashlight with you when your dog poops outside at night. You can easily see the surrounding area because your dog will light it up with his collar! Pretty nifty actually!

            What are the things you should consider when looking for a light-up collar?

            Before buying one, make sure that you take note of the following factors:

            1. Batteries – ones with rechargeable USB batteries are better because they cost less compared to ones with coin batteries.

            2. Waterproof – find one that will still be okay to use even if it rains or snows.

            3. Sizing – getting one that can be used by multiple dogs is a plus so look it’s best to look for one with adjustable buckles.

            4 Design – choose one that will better show and notify others that your dog is around.
            5. Lights – choose one that lights up the collar all the way around. This style is more visible to others.
            6. Flashing Modes – choose one with different flashing modes so you have options for when it’s extremely dark or you’re in a well-lit area.
            7. Durability – look for one with nylon material at it lasts longer. Do not opt for cheap collars for you would just end up replacing them sooner. It’d cost you more.
            8. Light Brightness – make sure that the brightness suits your dog’s needs. If your dog has long fur, you need one that can shine through it effectively.

            9. Color–  You have lots of colors to choose from but take note that green is the most easily visible color at night.

            Top 4 Best Light Up Dog Collars

            So, what to choose for your dog? There are many light-up dog collars available in the market. The following are the ultimate best when it comes to battery life, brightness, and durability. All are superb and guarantee satisfaction.

            1. Illumiseen LED Dog Collar by Illumiseen

              This one is popular because it is USB rechargeable and even comes with its own USB cable. An hour of charging can last for five hours. It also has three flashing modes: slow flash, rapid flash, and steady flash. It is fully adjustable.

              PRO: Really bright and easily chargeable. It comes with a lifetime guarantee.

              CON: Fit can be tricky for smaller dogs.

              2. Bseen LED Dog Collar by Bseen

                This one is lightweight and owners can choose from six different colors. It is also USB rechargeable and provides owners with a USB cable. It takes around 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours for it to fully charge. Depending on the mode, it can last up to five hours (slow mode) or four hours (fast mode). It can only last for two hours when in steady mode. It comes in one size so owners have total liberty when it comes to adjusting its size.

                PRO – Still shines bright even when it rains. An affordable alternative.

                CON – Can be tricky to turn on. 

                3. Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Collar by Blazin’ Bison

                  This one has an outstanding battery life for it can last for over eight hours. It is fully adjustable and comes in four sizes. It is also water-resistant and has a visibility of 350 yards. It has an outstanding 360-degree design that has lights placed all around the collar. It is USB rechargeable and comes in three modes: blink, strobe, and on. This product also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

                  PRO – Durability is outstanding.

                  CON – Dogs can easily turn on the collar by shaking or scratching. 

                  4. Ultimate LED Dog Collar by Shine For Dogs

                    This one is remarkable because it only takes 30 minutes to re-charge and can glow for up to 10 hours. It is ultra-bright and uses fiber-optics. It is USB rechargeable and comes with its own USB cable. It comes in three sizes and three modes: steady flash, rapid flash, and on. A very special thing with this product is that 100% of profits go directly to shelter and rescue dogs so you get to help in every purchase.

                    PRO – Made of fiber optics so it doesn’t break

                    CON – Can be a tricky fit for small dogs. 

                    Which light-up collar is best for your dog?

                    A light-up collar is an important accessory to secure the safety of your dog. Any pick from the list of light-up collars that we’ve reviewed will be a good choice.  All are certified and verified to be bright and truly effective in making your dog visible. In picking, know the features that you prioritize the most. On our end, we highly recommend any of the four. But when it comes to color, we highly suggest picking green because it is the most visible. And a last-minute tip! Don’t attach the light-up collar to a leash.  Attach your leash to a regular collar instead. Let the light-up collar stand-alone to make it last longer!