Dog Toy - Tooth Brushing Ball
Dog Toy - Tooth Brushing Ball
Dog Toy - Tooth Brushing Ball

Dog Toy - Tooth Brushing Ball

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How can you keep your dog entertained, feed him and clean his teeth at the same time? We’ve got the answer – introducing this wonderful Dog Toy and Tooth Brushing Ball!

It might look like any other dog toy out there but it’s got a secret. You can sneakily add treats inside so that the more your dog or cat plays with it, the treats drop out, and he can eat it!

Made from rubber, it’s like any soft chew toy that easily bends with a little bite from your pet. And it doesn’t stop there! Not only is this dog toy great for keeping your dog entertained but it even works by helping clean your dog’s teeth! The toy helps remove plaque, especially when the animal keeps biting on it.

What are you waiting for? With all the adorable hugs, snuggles and slobber your pet gives you, it’s about time you give him a cool treat in return.

Order this dog toy and tooth brushing ball today!

Quick Specs:

  • Made from safe, easy to clean rubber material
  • Great for dispensing dog treats
  • Multi-functional dog toy
  • Helps clean your dog’s teeth
  • Measures approximately 5 cm
  • Available in different colors
  • Perfect toy for cats too!


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