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Garden Planter Bag

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Stuck in the apartment but still want to grow your veggies and plants?

Our Garden Planter Bag is all you need to create a beautiful veggie garden inside your home!

Every garden planter bag is made from environmentally-friendly material so there’s no guilt in using it. It’s designed to be waterproof and anti-corrosive so there's no rust or damage reaching your veggies. It’s also heat-resistant and cold-resistant allowing for good temperature control which your plants need to grow faster.

Built-in drainage holes are found at the bottom of the bag to let water drain through and help make your veggies grow healthier, faster!

There's even a small window to let you harvest your vegetables, like potatoes, with ease. Two handles are on each side in case you need to move your plants around.

Have your own little garden patch in your home balcony, apartment or small backyard. These garden planter bags are one of the best ways to grow your greens indoors or outdoors!

Quick Specs:

  • Great for indoor and outdoor use
  • Reusable and environmentally-friendly garden bag
  • Perfect for apartments, condominiums and your home
  • Comes with a harvesting window
  • Includes two convenient handles for transporting and moving
  • Water resistant, anti-corrosive and heat/cold resistant
  • Use this for growing vegetables
  • Includes drainage holes for water


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