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Mini HD Monocular Cell Phone Camera Lens

Free Shipping

Take your mobile photography to new heights with our Mini HD Monocular Camera Lens!

With this phone camera lens on hand, you can capture images through long distances without ever moving from your spot! It can capture birds hanging out on tall tree branches or even let you capture your favorite athlete while playing even if you're seated far away.

To use, just attach this on your phone’s camera and shoot away!

Great for single-handed operation, our HD monocular lens comes with a portable design you can carry wherever you go. It comes with a single focus lens with 40x magnification, so you get crisp, clear HD photos with each shot.

When you buy, you also get a tripod and a phone clip to go with your lens!

Stop lugging around your heavy DSLR, and start capturing stunning images with just your smartphone and this awesome HD monocular lens in your pocket. Use it at home or take it with you in the wild, it’ll be the only lens you’ll need to capture the best images.

Quick Specs:

  • Strong, solid construction
  • Offers 40x magnification
  • Comes with single focus
  • Compact design and lightweight to carry
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Offers single-hand operation
  • Amazing telescopic lens
  • Perfect for shooting birds in the wild or shooting sporting events
  • Works with most smartphone cameras


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