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ScreamProp - Halloween Ghostface Scream Scarecrow

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Have The Scariest Halloween Set Up On Your Street!

Scare away more than just crows with this ultra spooky ScreamProp. Whether you mount it on your lawn or out in the field, the ScreamProp will send chills to everyone's spine.

The ScreamProp is suspended on a sturdy pole that is flexible enough to make it sway through the wind. Once the ScreamProp starts swaying and bobbing, a new level of horror is unlocked to everyone who passes by. 

Key Benefits

Lifesize Decoration - Our ultra frightening ScreamProp hovers over everyone that comes close. It's large and tall so that everyone catches a glimpse of it.

Spooky Design - This amazing piece of decoration is a great addition to your home for Halloween. Mount this ScreamProp on the ground and watch it scare away kids and all your neighbors.

Easy Set Up - The ScreamProp can easily be mounted on the ground with its included base. Simply dig into the soil, mount the base, attach the ghost, and you're good to go.

Sturdy Build - Each part of the ScreamProp is made with weatherproof materials to ensure long term use. Not only that, but the base can take strong winds no matter how much it bobs and sways.