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SimpleSlice-Food Slicing Aid

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Start slicing foods like a pro 

SimpleSlice helps cooks and amateurs all around the world chop more with speed and precision! With this kitchen assistant, you’ll seamlessly chop through everything!

The ten steel prongs create a firm grip so you can slice fragile foods evenly and easily. The food is always held together while your fingers are at a safe distance from the blade!

You’ll discover new ways to cook smarter and make cooking safer and yummier for everyone involved! SimpleSlice is all the help you need to master the slicing art!

Why SimpleSlice is for you

Even chops with each slice-Make perfectly even slices out of all foods under the chopper without putting in any time or effort!

Get a firm hold- Seamlessly chop the fragile fruits and veggies without ever scrambling or losing hold of them again!

Prep like a chef- With SimpleSlice in hand, you’ll prepare foods like a master to make every dish you cook finer than the last!

SimpleSlice is the ultimate choice- Find how easy it is to slice fast, evenly and safely and you’ll never want to chop without SimpleSlice!