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SwigScrub - Multipurpose Bottle Gap Cleaner Brush

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Clear Away Every Bit Of Dirt From Your Drinking Bottles

Strip away hard to reach dirt with the SwigScrub to keep your bottles looking clean and sanitary. The mighty SwigScrub reaches in between tiny gaps, keeping your bottle's surface Squeeky clean.

This SwigScrub is especially useful for baby bottles so that you prevent any spoilt milk from growing harmful mold. Having the handy SwigScrub in your home is essential to yours and your family's health and wellness.

Key Benefits

Convenient Cleaning - With its ingenious design, the SwigScrub effectively removes hard to reach dirt from all types of bottles. To make things better, the SwigScrub brushes won't damage the bottles no matter how much you scrub.

3-In-1 Design - This handy SwigScrub provides you with three ways to seamlessly clean bottles. It comes with brushes and a pick to speed up your usual cleaning process.

Portable Size - Our amazing SwigScrub comes in a small and compact size. This makes the SwigScrub easy to use, store, and carry with you when you need it while on the go.

Multipurpose Tool - The SwigScrub is not only great for cleaning bottles, you can also use it to clean other items in your home. Its versatile brushes let you clean in between every gap no matter the size!