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Universal Mesh Car Storage and Luggage Organizer

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Tired of making a mess inside your car? Organize all the mess with this helpful car mesh storage and luggage organizer!

Designed to fit any type of vehicle, this car organizer conveniently hangs between your car seats. The mesh comes with carabiners so you can hook it to your car’s headrest and seat. 

The mesh is made from stretchy black netting so it easily conforms to the shape and size of your items. The double mesh construction holds items securely so it won’t fly off or fall off as you drive. 

It is created to hold plenty of items while keeping everything within your reach!

Once it’s in place, you can use this to fit your CD’s, magazines, wipes, alcohol or any other items you deem a necessity to be in your vehicle. 

Quick Specs:

  • Sturdy and stretch rope mesh construction
  • Can be used for CD’s, magazines, lightweight gadgets and more!
  • Easily fits most car models
  • Great for organizing various small items
  • Perfect for anti-infection items like alcohol, tissues or wet wipes
  • Hooks easily on your car’s headrest and seat
  • Easy to install car seat organizer


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