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TriMop - 360° Rotatable Adjustable Cleaning Mop

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Efficiently Clean Every Nook And  Cranny

Want to effortlessly clean every corner of your house? Traditional mopping can be tiresome, which is why the TriMop is your go-to tool for cleaning almost any hard surface.

This unique mop helps you sanitize your floor more efficiently through its large mop head and flexible handle. The TriMop also boasts an easy water squeezing feature so that you can re-use the mop within seconds.

Key Benefits

Expansive Reach - Achieve a spotless house in no time. With its intelligently designed triangular mop head, this adjustable mop can casually fit and sneak into any nook or cranny.

360-Degree Rotation - In combination with its expansive reach, this mop window cleaner incredibly rotates from the handle. With this unique feature, TriMop allows you to easily maneuver the mop into hard-to-reach areas, leaving no dirt behind.

Easy Squeeze - No need for bulky water buckets and inefficient squeezers. TriMop is intricately designed with automatic wringing, freeing your hands and arms from performing rigorous manual squeezing.

Efficient Cleaning - The cool features of this reusable mop seem endless. TriMop is made with a microfiber cloth, making it efficiently use water, increase cleaning ability, and lasts longer than your typical mop.