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Easy Pineapple Peeler

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Peel, slice and core your pineapples in seconds with our Easy Pineapple Peeler!

Pineapples are super tasty especially during summer time but they can be a pain to peel and core. If you’ve ever travailed at wanting to eat tasty pineapple meat yet having such a hard time getting to it, you need this pineapple peeler in your hands right now!

This peeler is made from stainless steel with a strong plastic handle for easy handling. The blades are corrugated so it bites into the flesh and easily cores the pineapple. Once you slowly take out the corer and peeler, you get ready-to-eat spiral pineapples you can easily serve or cut up to size to enjoy!

Simple, right?

You’ll never eat and peel a pineapple the same way ever again. It’s perfect for busy kitchens where prep time needs to be cut back to a minimum.  

Our Easy Pineapple Peeler is non-toxic and food-grade so it’s safe to use with your fruit. Grab one today and start enjoying your yummy pineapples!

Quick Specs:

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Easily cores and peels your pineapple in one device
  • Durable and strong construction
  • Food-grade construction, so safe for your fruit
  • Great for fast-paced kitchens
  • Cuts your prep time in just seconds!
  • Works for both professional and home kitchens


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