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Oil Mist Spray

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Stop wasting olive oil by having to pour it from the bottle and into the pan!

With this handy Oil Mist Spray, you have full control over the amount of oil you use each time! Eliminate excess oil and keep yourself healthy at the same time by making sure you only use the oil you need. 

This handy oil spray is great for home chefs or even professional ones who love the idea of having sleek and practical kitchen items at their disposal.

The sprayer comes with a stainless steel body with a large black button at the top. It’s perfect for spraying roast, sautéing veggies, baking or cooking various meals. While it's handy for using olive oil, you don’t have to limit it to that.

Use this for vinegar, soy sauce or pretty much any liquid seasoning you can think of!

This oil sprayer is more effective as opposed to basting or brushing your liquids on your veggies or meat.

Make this a part of your kitchen today!

Quick Specs:

  • Professional stainless steel design
  • Great for home and professional use
  • Quick to refill
  • Easy to clean
  • Eco-friendly item
  • Can be used with ease
  • Perfect for baking, sautéing or cooking
  • Lightweight and portable design


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