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Soda Dispenser

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Serving and pouring drinks just got easier with this cool Soda Dispenser!

Made for soda, lemonade or iced tea, this inversion soda dispenser lets you serve drinks with no effort at all! On top of that, it looks great on your party table too!

The dispenser is made from tough and durable ABS plastic in a bright red shade. It comes with a slim design that stows away easy when you don’t need it. 

To use, simply place your inverted soda bottle at the base. One tip, if you find the liquid isn’t flowing as smooth as you’d like, take a small pin and prick the top of the inverted bottle. This will increase the pressure on the liquid and let the soda flow smoother and faster.

You’ll never have to manually carry heavy or unwieldy bottles ever again! You can also eliminate the mess that often comes from spilled drinks during pour-outs.

Start getting creative with your sodas with this beautiful automatic soda dispenser in your home!

Quick Specs:

  • Strong durable material
  • Slim and creative design
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Great for parties!
  • Fits most beverage bottles
  • Hands-free dispensing of drinks
  • Incompatible with alcohol or juices with pulp
  • Stores easy when not in use
  • Perfect for any home!


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