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Nylon LED Night Safety Pet Collar

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Keep your dogs and pets safe when they wander out into the night with this Nylon LED Night Safety Pet Collar!

Each year, thousands of dogs die from being hit by drivers in the middle of the night simply because they didn’t see them. With this nylon pet collar, you can make sure this doesn’t happen to your beloved pupper!

Featuring the latest technology, it allows your pet to stand out even in pitch black darkness. It’s perfect especially if you live near roads or other areas where there’s traffic. The collars allow your animal to stand out, signaling to the driver your pup is there!

Each collar comes in a range of colors and sizes. The collars are adjustable too, to fit any dog whether they’re big or small.

The LED lights can flash in different modes, so you can set it for long flashes or slow ones depending on what you like.

And don’t worry, these have been tested on hundreds of dogs. The lights don’t cause any discomfort or distress to your animal when they sport them.

Quick Specs:

  • Great for keeping your pets safe!
  • Comes in a variety of fun colors
  • Easy to slip on like any collar
  • Beautiful design
  • Perfect for any type of dog
  • Safe to use for animals


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