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Self Playing Tug Of War Dog Toy With Suction Cup

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Too tired to play with your pet after slaving at work all day?

We know it’s heartbreaking to see your dog so excited when you get home. All they want to do is play with you, but you’re too tired to move a muscle. Well, we’ve got a solution that both you and your dog will be happy about!

This Self Playing Tug of War Dog Toy with Suction Cup lets your dog have endless hours of fun. And it won’t require your participation in the matter! (Unless you want to join him, of course.)

This cool dog toy features a strong suction cup on one end you can attach to any smooth floor. On the other end is a ball attached to a strong, slightly stretchy rope. Your dog can tug, pull and play with this all he wants while you just sit there and relax.

And there’s more…

The ball toy actually works as teeth cleaner too! The more he plays, the more his teeth will get cleaned. If you want to join him, you can grab the ball toy on one end and play fetch with him since it bounces.

Another neat thing about this toy is it’ll distract your dog from chewing on your furniture whenever he gets bored. Instead of "playing" with your sofa, he can just play with this toy all day long!

Quick Specs:

  • Perfect for overly active dogs
  • Helps prevent furniture chewing
  • Keeps your dog busy all day
  • Helps clean your dog’s teeth
  • Great quality
  • Safe for your pets
  • Strong suction cup attaches to any smooth surface
  • Made from non-toxic material
  • The perfect chew toy!


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